Our institutional affairs and strategy consulting centers on evaluating and executing public as well as private business projects and applications across all layers of a market or organization to optimize performance and management systems.

We have published books using our own management methodology on the competitiveness of countries, cities and companies, and to address why some organizations are successful and others are not. We have applied our methodology (“The Perfect Diet for Company Competitiveness,” summarized in one of our books) to conduct management, growth, productivity and innovation assessments within the organizational architecture of companies. With an extensive network of associates in the US and Europe, we can help companies and governments navigate the ever changing political environment in Washington or Brussels.

Government affairs and Private Strategy Consulting encompasses, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Policy design and strategy
  • Corporate analysis of markets and opportunities
  • Strategic planning
  • Potential growth opportunities analysis and market expansion of products and services
  • Identification of target markets and product development
  • Innovation and knowledge design to improve productivity
  • Geopolitical and risk mapping analysis and risk management