At Borametz, we generate detailed geopolitical analysis studies and assess the input/output matrix, energy efficiency and energy intensity of companies and territories. We understand and diagnose the impact of energy prices and costs and how they will affect the balance sheets of our clients through our forecasting capabilities. We evaluate future disruptive forces for oil, gas, coal and renewable energies and produce scenario planning for energy security at the regional, country or company level. After evaluating non-conventional energy risk (maps and matrices), we recommend measures that can be used by clients to reduce risk exposure.

We have extensive experience in energy assets and portfolio management of conventional and renewable energies. We use digital platforms and tools for big data processing and consult with commercial and trading firms to help approach both producers and consumers. Our experience with conventional and renewable resources, combined with our extensive ties with the oil, coal and electricity sector, supplements our consulting credentials.

Energy consulting encompasses, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Support and assessment in Energy Security
  • Assessment of efficiency, intensity, dependency and technology options and valuations. Asset management improvements.
  • Identification of macro and micro trends that can significantly affect (disrupt) any energy business or sub-sector
  • Strategic analysis of the energy competitiveness of a company, sector, region or country
  • Support for quick solutions and crisis management due to energy prices, supply disruptions or political/regulatory decisions.
  • Advice on the planning and management of energy resources/inputs of the client and its future perspectives within the global and market context.
  • Design decision-making and problem-solving processes and solutions.
  • Digital asset management and debt structuring of energy investments.