Rodrigo Villamizar

Energy advising, strategy and geopolitics

Rodrigo has been working in the global arena of economics and energy since 1985. He began his career in the Texas State Senate and the Texas Public Utility Commission before becoming an economic consultant with the World Bank, and then serving as Colombian Minister of Energy and Ambassador to Japan. Rodrigo advises clients on energy security and economic competitiveness. He lectures regularly at the University of San Diego and the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, Spain’s most prestigious financial institution, sponsored by the Madrid Stock Exchange and affiliated with Complutense University. Rodrigo also publishes in distinguished journals such as the International Atlantic Economic Society Journal, Aestimatio, Estudios de Politica Exterior and Economía Exterior. He regularly contributes articles and op-eds to El País, Latin American Advisor, Expansión, The Energy Dialogue and Zaragoza’s Heraldo.

A University of Texas-trained engineer with postgraduate studies in economics and energy, Rodrigo is currently Head of Strategy for the Americas at Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management.